FJ Owners Club

17" Wheel Conversion
ABS test
exup wheel

Instructions for the testing of the FJ1200 ABS system.
The lead is available from the catalogue.
This test should be carried out at every service

Instructions to fit a 17" Yamaha Ex-Up wheel to the rear of any FJ

Clutch Master seal
clutch master-2

The art of carburettor synchronisation explained step by step.

Instructions to fit the clutch master cylinder seals and piston.

FJ Gearing
Oil and Filter change

Doc takes a look at the effects of changing the gearing with different sprockets

A guide to replacing the oil and filter on the FJ.

FJR Technical Information Pages

fork-springspage copy
Rear Shock

FJR1300 rear shock removal and suspension set up.

Guide to replacing the fork springs and replacing the fork oil.

swing arm page
ABS test

Step by step instructions on testing the ABS system using the Yamaha abs lead

Instructions for greasing the swinging arm. 30k servicing inverval

Other Down Loads

p- FJ1100

Complete parts catalogue that show all the parts and their OE part numbers.
For FJ's and the FJR1300


Yamaha Service manuals. For FJ's and the FJR1300.


Yamaha Owners manuals.
For both FJ's and FJR1300.