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Below are views from fellow club members who have had their FJ's or FJR's serviced at the clubs workshop.

Club Workshop; where you can watch your bike being serviced while chatting to the Technician about any points connected with your bike.


There is a fully fitted kitchen so you can make yourself (free) cups of tea/coffee or warm up your pies in the microwave.

Please remember it might be worth taking some sandwiches or a bite to eat if you have booked a Major Service, as its possible take you passed lunch time.

Hi Doc,

Good to see yourself, Ernie and Jake down at Ivy Cottage today, all in good form. Thanks for making me so welcome and providing me with cups of tea all day whilst I watched my FJR having it's 12,000 mile check up.What a great day out.  An enjoyable 320 mile ride out down to your garage and back, a good natter with fellow club members and yourselves about bikes, racing and conspiracy theories !  I'd just like to take this opportunity to  thank Jake for doing the service on my bike, under the watchful eye of Ernie. He did an excellent job. I have experience of apprentices training with myself and it struck me straight away that Jake is going to make a fine engineer as his education progresses. Keep up the good work Jake, you can work on my bike anytime. I know it's been said before , but to be able to stand next to you guys whilst you work on our bikes, see what goes on and have all questions answered is a rare thing this day and age. Well worth the trip down. Many Thanks.   Colin.


Hi Ernie

Would like to thank you for the work you did on my FJR this morning!It’s good to know that it’s still possible to find professional quality servicing and advice!The changes you made to the suspension made a big difference! The FJR felt much more controlled and stable, although I haven’t taken it to the limit yet!Thanks again – and I look forward to the next time !ColinDoc,I never got to thank you for the service you carried out on my FJ1200  today I was so impressed how quickly you do the service and the professional way you do the job, I can only say that you transformed my FJ1200, it felt such a different bike on the way back to Shrewsbury I can't praise you enough for all your efforts, my thanks again to You and Ernie, and I will say that anyone who may be thinking of getting there bikes serviced they should get them to you with out doubt, far better than any dealer and far better banter around the garage.

Thanks    TerryOne very pleased FJ owner member


HI Doc and Ernie

Just a quick note to say thanks for the excellent service you did yesterday on my recentlly purchased ex police FJR, which according to West Midland Police had had 11? services in its 5 year 36000 mile life. Interesting to see Ernie prove that linkages and steering head had never been greased, rocker cover never been off (amazing how they checked valve clearances without doing that). Just goes to show if you want it done properly take it somewhere where they know what they're doing and care about it and enjoy the banter while you're there. Not too sure about Ernie's singing's going and feeling better now. Thanks again. Steve Summers


Hi all,

Just to say a big thank you for the great service I received off you and Ernie when I came up last Wednesday 09/09/10, for a 24K service on my FJR. You both made things look so easy even the tea boy did a good job with plenty of banter the day flew by. As for the ride home to West Wales it felt like a different bike [well impressed]. Once again a big thank you All the best   Huw.


Hi Doc

Words can't express how much better my bike feels after her long day with you on Thursday 22nd April, the ride back was unbelievable, I can't believe she's the same bike, so smooth and comfortable, it's a real pleasure to ride her now and i'll be covering some serious miles now.   Regards  Richard



Hi Phil and Ernie,

Once again thank you for another exceptional service.

Ever wondered why your local dealer doesn't service the real suspension linkage properly?

'Course you have. I think I've just discovered why & I'm not amused.

Last year, before my trip round France I had the dealer do an annual service on my bike, specifically requesting that the rear suspension linkage be checked/lubricated correctly, pointing out from my documentation that it was part of the annual service. This they agreed to do but didn't in fact do (I wrote about this in a previous thread last year - they put it down to miscommunication between the office & their foreign mechanics).

When I pointed it out to the mechanic his first instinct was to spray oil at it from a tin. I managed to convince him that this was a silly idea, at which point he slackened off the nuts that he could reach & painted lithium grease on any exposed parts - half hearted to say the least.Late last year I spoke with the manager & chief mechanic & got an agreement that they would do a full dismantle, check & lubrication this spring.

I explained that I was willing to pay the anticipated silly money to have it done correctly. The mechanic said that if he was going to take it to pieces he'd want to replace all the bushes. Fine, I said, as long as I'm happy that it will be safe!Cut to yesterday. Bike duly dropped off. Chief mechanic had done a runner so new mechanics in the garage. Spoke again to the manager to ensure everyone understood what I wanted. I also requested that the centre stand bolt be refitted backwards, as per forum suggestions.

Manager quite happy but said that instead of the (Yamaha) recommended slot of 2 hours, he had allocated four hours for the work as he thought 2 might be "a bit short". I had a brief chat with the new mechanic (who has been working at their Honda/other brands workshop) & he seemed fine with my requests.Having not received the promised phone call to say "It's ready" I decided to call them, at which point I was put through to the mechanic who explained..."There's no way it'll be ready today. It's much more complicated that I thought. It'll take much longer than the 6 hours I quoted (?). I'll have to take off the exhaust pipes and radiator etc. before I can get the stand off. The stand bolt can't be put in the other way round because the holes are different sizes - it'll only fit one way. It probably won't be ready tomorrow either, & I'm on holiday next week!"I tried to explain how the exhausts can be left in place but teased out of the way & he was having none of it.

Apparently he's too "professional" to risk shearing any bolts through heavy-handedness.So, there it is. God knows when I'll get my bike back & I bet even He doesn't know how much it's now going to cost. Suffice to say I shall be having a chat with the manager & maybe even the owner about their methodology - including the fact that the mechanic obviously has no experience of working on FJRs. I'm now at the point of saying "stuff it" to the FJR & Yamaha. Remember, these are the people that assured me the gearbox was fine when I bought the blasted thing, only to find, on my absolute insistence that there was a fault, that a complete gearbox & clutch replacement was required!

Is there any wonder why I am more than happy to do a 6 hour round trip to the club than let my very close to work dealer do any more work on my pride and joy.

Roland Fenwick

fj link

FJ Linkage Arm.

As you can see its never been greased. Yamaha service intervals are 16k or 2 years, so i guess the dealer has been kicking tyres and changing oil / filter for £200 for the last 20 years. Shame!

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