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Portugal Tour

Youtube link

portugal fj 30 miles ; 295 bends

Return of the Killer Linkage

I keep getting asked if members could have both the Web access codes and have the News Letters posted, as they like to read them in there own free time.I’ve tried to encourage members to choose one or the other as the advantage of web is the lack of admin and having both, doubles the admin work load. I’ve worked out, for a small extra charge, I can  now arrange for both. The cost will make the total  add up to £27.

So on renewal If you wish to upgrade please visit the club web site ( under link ‘Renewal membership’

Please note this option is for UK residents only.

Trackday Crashes

A friend of mine seem to have a habbit of crashing, luckly for me I always seem to have a camera onboard but some times I'm to close for comfort.

Steve puts together a clip of the Portugal Tour from 20111


Doc puts together a short clip of riding a FJ1100 down an amazing Algrave twisty road.

linkage arn snap

Recently we had a member turn up for a service. unknown to him, this is the snapped linkage arm found on his FJR1300.

Read his story and many more in the clubs news letters


Press link button to download  the article in pdf format.

Combined Printed and Web Membership, One Fee

Please look at bottom of page for long term news or offers

Toursarus site link

Toursareus worls motorcycle tours are offer club members up to £100 discount. Press link to there site to find out there 2013 tours


Discount offer to club members

Bikes on the Algrave tour

Killer Linkage oil and filter offer small email


Workshop Manuals

Club Exclusive Only £39.95

1 LEFT 2001-03

Yamaha Online Microfiche for the FJR1300 (All models)


1) Press box ‘Yamaha Online Parts Catalogue’

2) Agree to terms and use

3) Steps 1-2-3 or enter VIN number

4) Once you have acquired the correct part number you can order from the Club catalogue.

5) go to

6) Yamaha OE Part (bottom of menu)

7) Yamaha Parts with Part numbers

8) Fill form as per ordering parts.

Remember to confirm order with an email to [email protected] with 3 digit security code.

exploded FJR1300 oe parts

NEW Web site link to view Yamaha OE parts and prices.

'click on picture to view'

The prices are in Euros but will give you an idea of prices.

If you wish to order the part go to Clubs Catalogue under

'Yamaha OE Parts Form' from menu.

Order now before AUGUST 10TH 2015 and I will sell you a SHAD 48 litre topcase  and the fitting kit for your FJR1300 for only £199.00 whilst stocks are available!!!


All orders taken for this offer before August 10th 2015 will be at this GUARANTEED price

Algarve MC Tours

Club Touring Web site which gives full details of the Club Algarve Tours.


Clink link to view details

wallet 1 walllet 2

Club Logo Documentation Wallet


This nice plastic wallet allows you to keep your entire bike doc’s in one simple water proof wallet.

Things like V5 log book, insurance details, MOT papers and service history.

This is very good when you travel abroad and need to take this type of information illegal. Requirement

Visit the clubs catalogue web site under Club Regalia

ONLY £1.99 plus P&P

Club Doc Wallet portugal-house-bike

Doc tests the new Conti RoadAttack Evo 2 GT.

Conti have the article on there website.

press link to see review

dealer scheme

The Club has joined The Good Dealer Scheme.

Press logo to see out rating or make a rating. f800 gt

The Yamaha FJ series was introduced to the world in 1984 with the FJ1100. It became an instant hit and, with many owners, still is. After morphing into the 1200 series (1986) with it’s three subsequent models (1TX, 3CV and 3XW) many are still around, ridden and loved by their owners 30 years on.